Alkmaar Kaas Stad

Alkmaar. The traditional cheese market shows how the national product of cheese was traded earlier. In addition to this tourist attraction, there are many pleasant shopping with distinctive beverage and dining options.







Directions from Zandvoort to Alkmaar.

You can opverschillende ways to Alkmaar from Zandvoort.De distance is about 40 km and are taking about 50 minutes in Alkmaar.


Grotere kaart weergeven



If you go by train to Alkmaar then, you can get your there take a train to Alkmaar. Zandvoort with Train to Haarlem Central and from first

From Zandvoort goes every 30 minutes a train directly to Haarlem, as do about 10 minutes.
From Haarlem should take a train to Alkmaar, they will have about 50 minutes to do about it.

The total costs are: € 15.20 per person for a day rate.

More information about the train can be found at the NS